Owl For President

Thursday, August 4, 2011

congressional dissatisfaction

When we say we are "dissatisfied" with congress, we are saying we are dissatisfied with parliamentary mechanisms that allow a small minority to threaten and direct the majority into ideologically driven directions. For example, the budget cuts massive amounts, FIVE YEARS from now. So, the Tea Party basically sucks all the money out of government, and then leaves, not even sticking around to take care of the mess. Their agenda is straight up: end the Federal Authority over the States. Their goal, though some may not realize it, is the rebirth of the Confederate States of America, complete with labor laws from 1890 and the deliberate cessation of education for the working classes. This is not some ephemeral enemy, but a real and constant threat, rearranging textbooks so that Joe McCarthy isn't a vampire with blood dripping from his fangs, but rather, an American "hero." ( So what if a lot of innocent people lost their lives or jobs...we had those commies on the run. NO THX.) Or that biology doesn't explain our existence. Or that the best thing that ever happened to the American Indian was Christopher Columbus. These clowns, through massive national and international PAC slush funds, posing as "christians" and "conservatives" are gutting the Nation, getting elected to high office on such platforms as "i'm a housewife," and "I hunt a lot."while tromping around in literally tin-foil hats talking out of one side of their mouth about 911/Bush//Conspiracy and the other side Bush is King! They rationalize Bush holding hands, literally, with the King of Saudi Arabia, a brutal MONARCHY while slamming men who, as teenagers, braved vicious dogs in the South to make it so black men and women were allowed into restaurants! Frankly, such congressmen are repulsive to me, and while I believe in the American system, I am certainly ready to see it work a little better then letting this flotsam and jetsum have it's day warming the congressional benches.