Owl For President

Monday, October 31, 2011

A response to the comment "you liberals only tolerate those you agree with."

Yeah, in fact, we really don't tolerate conservatives, we do, however, forgive the humans that conservatism has zombie-mind controlled. It's not your fault, you are like the Pod-people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or the Mad Hatter. You are not fully in possession of your faculties, substituting anger for action, hate for love, disrespect and snide comments for "conversation," insults for reasons, and you think that violence against other Americans who have already associated themselves with a distaste for guns is "ok," while talking out the other side of your mouth about some divine being named Jesus. You reject peer reviewed science in favor of gobbledy gook nonsense spouted off by just recently politically recognized housewives, half of you think that returning to the Gold Standard is going to resolve the problem of compound interest on non-labor produced capital. You are quick to boot everyone who is "illegal" out of states like Georgia, with no thought of the economic consequences to both that state and the rest of us due to increased food prices. Yeah, we HATE that sort of stuff, but, UNLIKE conservatives, we want to CHANGE you, not declare you traitors and put you in "some other place," even though your ideology, full of "bomb them now," "kill them all," "kill our enemies and sort it out later," poppy-cock sounds a lot like the talk of murderers and cutthroats.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A cogent reminder of why having a central bank isn't so bad

Banking and Finance

The above article clearly enunciates the value of the Fed in the sea of international economic collapse.