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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Education for sale is Education that loses professors

In the old days, the Government of the US, like most governments NOW, supported their best and brightest with free education. Not loaned education. Not bought education. In those days, the SMARTEST students went to the BEST universities. They vied, using tests, to determine who was smartest, and then they were chosen on the merits. But, long ago, state institutions started charging for the "privilege" of education. Instead of the old sensible idea, inspired by the Greeks, that smart people should be paid and nurtured to benefit the state, it became instead a situation in which the RICHEST can get into universities, and the universities are forced to pander to them. Now, instead of those who have proven themselves through tenacity and grit, universities instead school those whose parents have made big money in sales, or developed a very esoteric patent, or work in a high paying desk job with no creativity. Meanwhile, our real geniuses, who are not motivated by money, are of less value to the rest of us, since they are not trained to use their natural talents.

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