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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thoughts on the symbolic destruction of Religious symbols

If your religion/culture is one of confident and assured convictions, then the need to lash out at folks that besmirch it is at a minimum.

Let's look at this logically:

All day long, every year for decades, certain Muslims have:

a.Called the West and Westerners "decadent."

b.Allowed slavery to exist in their lands

c.Vocally and Physically attacked Christians, Jews and Buddhists and their holy statues.

d.Specifically targeted Christian and Jewish houses of worship

e.Acted in concert with Muslim governments to attack militarily insignificant and unconnected old Jews in Argentina

f.Enforced in their lands restrictions on the press, restrictions on movement and restrictions on the arts.

And now, because some of these people become violent in mobs, you want to limit OUR free speech? Excuse me, but ANY ONE of the above wrongs could have led to extreme, and probably fatal violence in America toward Muslim minorities, and yet...it hasn't. The Koran is a piece of crap, as is the Bible. Just some more know-it-all's with another book. If my saying so causes you to go into a killing frenzy, it's not my rights that need to be limited, it's your freedom.

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