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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Hellawenic, and How it works

My campaign organization will start out as a private company, called the CoMiCal Hellawenic. The reasoning is this: The Consolidated Middle Class (CoMiCal) needs the Hellawenic (a halloween/costume party based organization) to represent it in the congress, to the people, and to other organs of power.

The Hellawenic has Several missions:
1.Agitate for a voter holiday in early November
2.Organize a Lobby to protect Middle Class interests
3.Organize Potlach parties in our local regions
4.Educate the populace into civics, making statistics about congressmen as exciting and "tradable" as baseball cards are now, and knowledge about the structure of our local, state and national governments easily accessible to all.
5.Organize tutoring in society, so that those that have can teach those that do not.
6.Create "Libertariums," a sort of library/health spa/digital creation station, privately funded but publicly offered.
7.Recognize and celebrate knowledge of civics, history and social martyrs.

This Private organization, the CoMiCal Hellawenic, will be a for profit company designed to enrich my co-workers, customers and myself in search of an artistic and social ideal that benefits all who participate in it.

When this organization has become large enough, I will use it to run first for either governor or senator of the state that needs me most, and then for the Presidency. In the meantime, I shall create a partying, celebratory group of "Hellawenics," or Hellaweens, that have costume parties regularly, culminating in big parties on or around Halloween.

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