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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nazism defined: Not exactly Israeli policy

Nazis: different than authoritarians, democratic centralists, absolute monarchists, and oligarchic narco-lords.

Nazis believe in:
1.Immediate and total annihilation of the sub-human races, starting with those that are crippled, diseased or homosexual, and moving on to the Gypsies and the Jews. Next, the Slavs and the Eastern Europeans, the "mud people," followed up by Africans. Why? For Lebensraum: "Elbow room" for the Superior race: the Germans/Nordic race (Aryan).

2.Complete domination of the Euro-Asian land mass, preferably in one lifetime, in order to establish a 1000 year reign of Aryan Supermen, who's existence trumps reason, morals or religious convictions of any sort.

3.Mechanizing the complete extinguishing of races within MONTHS. Achievements so far with this methodology: .5 million Gypsies, 5 Millions Russians, 1 Million Poles, Six Million Jews, all extinguished to the point of significant %'s within the span of 30 months.

4.Total (totalitarian) domination of EVERY media mechanism in society with transgressions against state information punishable BY DEATH. Complete isolation of radio broadcasts from "foreign" sources, along with all print media. Book burning en mass, and the assassination or imprisonment of artists deemed "corrupt" by the Party.

5.Complete abrogation of elected authority, in favor of dictation from the Fuhrer. Total and complete acceptance of Adolph Hitler as your Lord and Savior, to the point of adopting Teutonic rites in lieu of Christian ones.

‎6.Summary justice for ALL citizens, non jury "trials," without defense or access to witnesses, right up the ladder to the Fuhrer's best friend.

Yes, Israel is by any standard a misguided democratic state, but to bandy about terms like "Nazi" to describe what amounts to a great deal less then what the US has perpetrated on Iraq, seems out of hand. Israel is, like the US, an aggressive democratic state. To try to mix the violence associated with that sort of state with "Nazism" is somewhat simplistic, as there is none of the above occurring within the actual population of Israel, or, for that matter, in Palestine in any appreciable way. Forgive us for parsing words, but I think Nazis have their own very SPECIAL place in hell, and we don't need to be giving them any more air time.

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