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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Primary Shmimary...The later the better

Having a primary would give the Right-wing controlled media the ability to make fun of at least four democrats every night. Forget it. The media is controlled by the right in the sense that it does not tend to educate, but to PLAY TO the masses. Since they have no democrats, they have become cannibals, attacking their own candidates. The big, emotion chasing media that is fascinated with Hitler, Nazis, murderers, war and crime thrives also on innuendo, and if you run for office, you are literally offering your name up as a sacrifice to be lied about, demeaned and libeled on. This generally works in the right-controlled media to question the MANHOOD of Democratic candidates. Think about the most visceral images of failed Democratic primary candidates: Mike Dukakis in a tank (subtext: not a real warrior), Kerry in Vietnam: (subtext: not a real warrior), Ted Kennedy (subtext: didn't "own up" to his crime, not a "real" man). Now, without any Democrats to attack, this pathetic attack machine is left with nothing but Republicans, and just look at how they treat them! They are up against the wall...The entire pack of their preferred candidates are so dingbat/wingnut crazy, that just reporting on their antics is an embarrassment. Having to explain/excuse D's in math and econ? Having to directly report on someone announcing that the last storm was an Act of God supporting Republican policies? Having to report that your heroes are denying aid to folks in hurricane zones over ideological mumbo-jumbo? There is just NO democratic anchor to grab onto and to report on that "gives equal balance" to the story. These guys are desperate for a democratic primary; one in which they can report that "candidate B walks his dog a "little too late at night" for my tastes." And other such nonsense. Instead, they follow their inclinations, find as much dirt as they can on their OWN candidates because they have no one else to attack, and they are built around ATTACKING. They don't know any other mode of existence. So, be thankful there is no primary, that Obama/Biden will simply rule for 7.5 years, before they are displaced by even more evil and equally unknown players on the world stage.

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