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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A typical Tea Partier:

1.Thinks that 9/11 was an "inside job," but fail to realize, if this is true, the "insiders" were GW and Cheney.

2.Believe that the rich and their wealth (1-3% of the US population), are more important then the Poor and their health (80% of the US population)

3.Receive benefits like Workman's Comp, Medicaid and food stamps (65 million families got them in the US this week), yet call those that fight to keep these programs "socialists."

4.Are jealous of workers that can keep their jobs because of unions, while they fear for their job loss, and can't figure out that that is why they should join a union.

5.Calls earned benefits "entitlements," and refuses to acknowledge that the money is put in their by the same people that receive it through payroll taxes and other government fees. In fact, what TP'r's are really saying is they want to STEAL the government administered savings of the middle and poorer classes, and hand that money to the richest 3%.

6.Thinks that evolution is a crock, science is useless, and that all important questions of science, politics or economics can be resolved with the Bible, while living in a society produced by secularists and agnostics, who's very JOB was to doubt anything they are told, which creates things like flight and radio, both of which were declared impossible and demonic at earlier points in history.

7.Waves a pistol around, declares that the 2nd is the most important amendment (clearly, the first and 5th amendments are not very interesting to this crowd), produces image after image of gun-sites, targets, lotteries of guns being sold (this week in Maricopa county, where Giffords was shot) that are the same as that that killed their enemies (and other innocents), all the while claiming that democrats are "violent" and yet unable to produce one image or story of a democratic rally in which someone actually even had a gun. In fact, I would challenge TP'r's to produce one image of democrats waving guns around at a rally in the last 20 years.

8.Entirely misses the point of brotherhood, Christianity and national unity in favor of bile-soaked invective directed at old ladies and babies. Has never met a political opponent he/she does not wish to personally insult. Has little knowledge of civility either on forums or in public, and for all their talk about Jesus, would not allow a person into their home unless properly introduced.

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