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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Comment to an isolationist that believes that we should only fight for "americans'" rights.


the history of civil revolution/liberty generally involves this sequence:
1.people get overly oppressed
2.people attack their government
3.people reach out to third parties to help them
4.Someone fills that void.

Now, you can put your head in the sand and, because of the lackluster record of our military think "we should not get involved." I, on the other hand, think that we SHOULD get involved, PERSONALLY, and we should ALSO help our government to help our allies who believe in Civil Rights EFFECTIVELY, rather then bow out completely, allowing CHINA and other tyrannical states just fill that void. To that end, I raised money for a few years to help girls fleeing honor killings in Iran, through an NGO. I have PERSONALLY taken concrete steps to help girls who are aware enough to flee their insane families. What peeves me is "Americans" who coast on the back of folks like me, who enjoy liberty, because, way back when, "someone" helped the women to their freedom and vote, and "someone" fought a civil war, and "someone" marched in Selma, and "someone" fought against child labor and unregulated hours, and "someone" hid slaves during the Underground Railroad days. And the "someone" is NEVER....YOU. I may not have done all that much, but I've done SOMETHING to alleviate others' suffering and increase their freedoms with my life, I didn't just say "oh, that's their problem, TOO BAD," while I experienced the fruit of others saying "NO MORE!"

Human suffering and tyranny is not "their" problem, it's OUR problem.

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