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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Demanding one's rights vs Corporations makes sense...sometimes.


How infantile. Corporations are looking for a waver in order to avoid paying more money towards their employees' health. Wavers do not mean that the corporations "don't have health care,": Their employees still have health plans, they are just more expensive. The Congressmen is comparing Apples to Oranges when he suggests that individuals deserve the same "rights" as corporations. What the congressman either fails to understand, or willfully wishes to deny, is that ObamaCare's main effect is on the profit line of corporations, and will have nothing but a beneficial effect on "individuals." More "individuals" (30 Million more) now have access to health care then did two years ago, and your corporate shilling not-withstanding, what would possibly possess a poor person without health care to deny government service? The only reason would be that they had to feed their families first, a sad commentary on the "American dream." But that is a strawman: the law clearly states that if you make under a certain amount, or can show that paying the full fee is onerous, you can have your fees lowered or eliminated. The health care bill is designed to fall up on the rich, for the simple reason that presently, 400 families in the US, combined, control more wealth the the COMBINED WEALTH OF 155,000,000 other families living in the US! Those 400 families, and the 2-3000 other families that have that kind of cash, have money that is way out of proportion to what serves the needs of a civil society. They should be taxed up the yin yang, because even absurd taxation (say 200%!) would take YEARS to affect their living styles, which include jets, palaces, huge yachts, Palatial mansions, and endless vacations at literally amazing, island getaways. Meanwhile, the rest of us work about 1/3 to 1/2 of every day, and we are still juggling whether to buy food, pay the electric bill or go to the impersonal health clinic doctor and pay him 40 bucks for the privilege of getting a prescription I pay another 18 for. The congressman probably has his medicines delivered to him by an aide, free of charge! Before that, he was probably working for some mega-corporation and had high-end health care, PAID FOR by his corporation, through WITHHOLDINGS. But the congressman does not wish to afford the rest of us a similar system eminating from the Federal government, because that would mean that big Pharm and Health Care would be cut out, and all his pals at the money trough would be out of a job.Read more:


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