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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thoughts on Fascism

It is important to realize that fascists do not believe in the nonsense they preach...their focus is racialist in nature usually, and they believe the ends justify the means. Thus, "truth" is not all that useful in many situations, while lies are. The focus is on the maintenance of either the race (whites in this case), or Ideology (White based American Nationalism). Saying things that are lies, if they further the "race" or the "party," are "justified" under this rubric. Announcing, for example, how hard-hearted you are, even acting hard-hearted, while secretly, inwardly feeling pain and suffering and a sort of hopeless guilt for promulgating such propaganda or actions, is typical of the pre-fascist state's loosely organized militias. Each one of the group feels a sense of shame and desire to hide their actions, but take heart from a group dynamic that justifies their actions in public. For moments when they are not alone with themselves, they can feel actual emotional highs from doing these unhealthy, unsympathetic and passionate-less things, but, when alone, in the dark, these thoughts of their own guilt haunt them, and this dynamic is exploited by fascist propagandists.

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