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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nuclear Power is a dumb Idea, for SO many reasons!


I worked against the continued use of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, which is built on the Ramapo fault. It is mentioned in this article.

I am not "philosophically" opposed to nuclear power, just practically. Until the technology can be dealt with SAFELY, it is too dangerous to use it. The media is not telling us the whole story. Radionucleitides do not "evaporate," nor do they safely "disperse." The stories concerning the food chain are telling: radioactive particles imbed in other life forms (like spinach, eggs and milk), potentially disrupting their dna/rna transmissions, and the dna of the creatures that eat these foods (us), especially during procreation! So, the particle might stick around, attach to the zygotes when having sex, and produce babies without brains or arms, etc.

It has been estimated that ONE uncontrolled nuclear power plant spewing radioactive steam could, in a little over 250 years, ELIMINATE ALL LIFE ON EARTH. I learned that in my science classes in college. Even if 1/20th of all life is threatened, it's still pretty extreme.

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