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Monday, March 7, 2011

Hiding under your bed is not very inspiring

Sarah Palin's Parents say they need a gun to protect themselves:


This entire thing is a charade designed to troll "democrats," i.e., anyone that takes the bait and says something like "yeah, I hope so and so does x, y, z," and then claim "look how vile THEY are." In fact, "democrats" believe in representative government, minority representation and legal elections, UNLIKE Ms. Palin, who constantly suggests "aiming" at her opponents, shoots things from helicopters, and has not completed a term of office without scandal or embarassment. "Democratic" candidates don't suggest shooting people, hunting opponents, or "locking and loading" as a method of political discourse.

What these folks do is rope folks into a false sense of paranoia. By suggesting their "lives are at risk," the Palins deflect media attention from those whose lives ARE at risk: democratic lawmakers. The Palins have deftly assumed the position of fearful victim, while their REAL victim, Ms. Giffords, is still languishing at a hospital, shot by someone with Sarah Palin's face on the front page of their website on FaceBook. Ms. Giffords, three months before her assault, had made a point of calling out Sarah Palin, SPECIFICALLY, concerning one of her ads that suggested shooting opposing candidates. The irony here is that the real targets DON'T HIDE UNDER THEIR BED CLUTCHING RIFLES, THEY WALK FREE, WITH THEIR HEADS IN THE AIR.

And they have the courage to walk that freedom without a concealed weapon under their jacket.

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