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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I agree with those that fear for our nation.

Like every "real" American since July 5, 1776, I know that AMERICA IS DOOMED, and it's because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON. Except of course, for myself. I mean, come on, they've totally screwed it up: First Marbury vs Madison messed up states rights, validating the idea that some court could invalidate laws! The Idea! Marbury vs Madison established that a law COULD be declared "unconstitutional," something that had NEVER BEFORE BEEN DECIDED IN HUMAN HISTORY by ANY court. Talk about activist judges! Then the whole "let's get rid of slavery" thing. Wow, talk about inconvenient and socialist! A lot of good businessmen got wiped out when the Supreme Court finally made a GOOD decision which WASN'T RESPECTED by the northern states: that decision was Dred Scott, which established that slaves (basically all black) that fled to the north MUST BE RETURNED. Then those Proto-socio/commies in the North had the TEMERITY to tell the Supreme Court that they WOULD NOT respect that Federal Court decision, that blacks that made it North became freemen, and could not again be bought or sold, which resulted in BIG losses for honest slave owning businessmen. What an excellent reason for war from the Freedom loving/Slavery-loving South (they enunciated it in their articles of succession)! Then the screw up with ending the 3/5's of a vote for each black man, then later, allowing blacks to read! Next was the idea of getting off gold in the late 1800's, after that, GIVING WOMEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE, talk about craziness! Can you say "we're doomed" one hundred times? Then ending the South's Jim Crow laws through FORCE??? Just to make 12% of our population happier??? Talk about pandering to selfishness! And making Education compulsory and based on empirical evidence? DOOM DOOM DOOM. Vaccines? Doomed. Wireless phones? Brain cancer. The Beatles? Our civilization has ended.

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Owl said...

In every one of these cases, there were many who claimed it was the "end of the Union," and the apocalypse was nigh!