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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Gold Standard is idiotic, at least at the state level


This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

First off, the reason we blew off gold as legal tender was because it was

a.easy to melt down and recast and,
b.could easily be shaved. reducing the real value of coins.

The the ridges on coins are there because in the old days, if the ridges dropped too much, you turned in the coin for a new one, and the government took the loss. Gold is a substandard metal for commerce on so many levels, it's a laugh to think that anyone believes it to be "stable."

The joke of the century.

I can't wait to see the state's face when dimes are worth 20 cents, yet can only purchase a dime's worth of commerce. Are we supposed to go to the "melting machine" at the King Soopers and have two dimes made up of half as much silver? LOL

I will be sure to go to utah on my Presidential Campaign Tour™, exchange as many dollars as possible for "gold currency," and then just start shaving and melting my gold into bricks, and cashing in later when gold's price rises. Poor stupid Utah, giving me their gold at today's prices!

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