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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Huckabee, You're not consistent


What is particularly appalling concerning his comments is the take-away put down on her achievements. Here, a respected, talented and hard-working actress who does work that can easily be compared to Bogart, Carol Lombard, Beverly Sills, D...izzy Gallespie, etc., and who has just recieved the HIGHEST award that the film industry has to offer it's tens of thousands of workers, is suddenly dealing with being put down by some "wanna be" father figure who wants to urinate on your "A" in history because he doesn't like your latest girlfriend, what kind of car you drive, who you voted for, etc. etc. Huckabee sounds like a lousy Dad with a "who cares about what you achieved, satisfy me, I'm your father" type of attitude that could easily lead to his kids being perverts. Thing is: he's not Natalie's father, and neither she, nor anyone else, should give a crap what his opinion is concerning her financially independent lifestyle.

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Owl said...

A friend of mine said this on another board:

"I think you missed the subtext---Bristol is a trailer park type overweight teenage unwed mother, therefore she is a real American. NP is a super-hot, talented, wealthy, Jewish celebrity, therefore she's not a real American." see: