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Sunday, March 27, 2011

More thoughts on the Proto-fascist threat to the Executive and "Exposure Fatigue."

Something that is very important to realize is that lies are not "bad" in politics. This is something the Fascists often capitalize on in democratically elected Republics, and something that the moderates of both the right and left must be vigilant against.

Here's how it works....

1.Corporate/Rotten Gov't Agents mix together in a political or social union. Is this everyone in the corporation? No. Is it everyone in the government? No. In fact, it's the managers of these institutions, the CEO's and the High Level Government officers. Their unions (and that is EXACTLY what they are) are called things like "The Bohemian Club," or "The Bilderberg Group." Or the names are even more innocuous, like a company name such as "Archer Midland Daniels." But here is where they congregate, plot, and do exactly what workers do at their union meetings: figure out how to obtain and hold elected offices with their agents.

2.The group (or compendium of groups) select a Titular Head, a person that will be the standard bearer of their political domination. This person's main job will be to:

a.get elected

b.obtain the group's needs and interests in the Federal system.

c.Help lesser officials get elected.

Their selection must fit four major categories:

a.He must have connections to power already in place, and be jocular with these connections. Reagan, for example, was a good friend of J.Edgar Hoover.

b.He must have lived a life of ease, for at least 20 years, in order to hold out that possibility for the deluded constituency they create.

c.He must be willing to do ANYTHING short of actual criminal activity, to focus the media on himself, because this leads to what I call "Exposure Fatigue," in which no matter what the reason, if even a small percentage of reporters are spinning a positive on it, there is no political downside to being in the media for "negative actions," such as lying or seeming like either an idiot or a Klutz. Part of Carter's original appeal was that his campaign portrayed him as an endlessly smiling Hayseed. That, alone, is a total lie.

d.Feed this candidate a long litany of lies that are so surreal, that it will be impossible for the press NOT to notice the comment, but then PAY hacks, on such outlets as FOX to MISREPORT the reasonable reaction to such outbursts.

This is apparently a SURE FIRE way to attract uneducated temp workers to your cause, and is also attractive to upper middle class and richer interests who don't CARE what the candidate says, and only care about LEGISLATIVE actions, which protect their monied interests. Since the upper classes are not concerned about truth, only about legislation, they have no problem capitalizing on the failure of education in the US, and taking advantage of Exposure Fatigue in the lower middle class and the poor.

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